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The Importance Of Taking Breaks While Studying

The Suffolk Police exam has been scheduled for June 17, 2023. You may have already started preparing if you know how competitive this written exam is. However, you may spend so much time preparing for the written exam that you have none left for other steps of the recruitment process.

Civil Service Success offers Suffolk Police Courses that teach all the skills you need to score high marks in the exam. We heavily emphasize preparing for the written exam properly, but we also ensure you’re prepared for the psychological, medical, and physical exams. You also need to be familiar with the interviews to increase your chances of recruitment.

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Here are some facts that shed light on the importance of taking breaks while studying for the Suffolk Police Exam.

Written Exam is Important, But Not Everything

The Suffolk Police exam only comes after 4 to 6 years. This is because after the results are announced, the department creates a list of candidates who passed the exam and calls from the top of that list whenever there’s a vacancy. The same list is used until there’s a new exam and a new list is created. This means many of the candidates who pass the exam never get a call. Only those who score competitively high get a chance.

The department also hires high-scoring candidates first. So those that do better in the exam get hired right after, while others may have to wait for years. So, even though there’s a predetermined passing criterion, your score only matters compared to others. This makes the exam highly competitive, as even a few extra marks can get you a position months earlier.

Still, other parts of the exam aren’t competitive but can disqualify you. You don’t want to focus on the written exam so much in the last few weeks that you will lower your chances of success in other exams.

We recommend starting preparations as early as you can. This way, you’ll be better prepared than others and have a better chance of landing in the top percentiles without overwork yourself.

Slow and steady wins the race. Join our Suffolk Police Courses now!

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Stress May Come Back To Bite You

Exam stress is a pretty common problem. People that tend to postpone exam preparation feel that stress makes them more productive. If you can relate to this, you may have to abandon this strategy for the Suffolk Police exam.

Police entrance exams don’t test your memory or knowledge of police work. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the job in the training once you get hired. What these exams do is test your cognition. Many questions revolve around problems that require you to think hard to find a solution. You’ll need every last of your brain cells working double time to solve these problems.

So, the right way to prepare for these problems is to train your brain by solving sample problems. You can’t do that while stressed because stress limits your cognitive abilities. It lowers your working memory and makes you unable to process large amounts of information. Stress can also hurt your cognitive ability in the long term, lowering your performance on exam day.

Don’t rely on stress to prepare you for the exam when the exam is near. Register for Suffolk Police Courses today!

Sacrificing Your Sleep Is Not a Good Idea

Some people stay up late preparing for the exam when they only have a few weeks left. This can affect your performance and ability to prepare quite similarly to stress. Sleep deprivation makes it harder to process information—you can’t practice and solve problems as you can normally.

It also takes four days of proper sleep to recover from just one hour of lost sleep. If you stay up late every night before the exam, you will be severely sleep-deprived during the exam, which will lower your performance. It’s far better to start preparing early, so you give yourself a break when it’s time to sleep. Get registered at Civil Service Success today!

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You Need to Stay Fit and Healthy 

The written exam is only the first step, even if it’s the most important one. If you score high in the written exam, you will soon be called to proceed with your recruitment. You have to pass several interviews, medical exams, physical exams, and psychological exams. You have to stay physically and mentally fit and healthy to clear these exams.

The Suffolk Police Job Standard Test alone can disqualify you if you’re not in your best state. The test asks you to complete several physical tasks in under 4 minutes and 28 seconds, during which you’re continuously active. Medical tests can also disqualify you if you have high insulin resistance because of stress.

You will need to take time out of your day to work on physical and mental fitness. You’ll need to get physical exercise and work on keeping your stress levels low. Breaks from studying are not a bad thing.

Prepare Smarter, Not Harder

The written Suffolk Police exam asks different kinds of questions to test your cognitive abilities, but the fundamental skills you need for these questions are the same. Civil Service Success encourages you to prepare smarter, not harder.

Our Suffolk Police Courses train the fundamental skills you’ll need in the test, so you’re ready for anything in the examination room. Our instructors also prepare you for all the other steps of the recruitment process.

Ready to start preparing for the Suffolk Police Exam the right way? Get registered now!

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