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All You Need to Know about the Upcoming Suffolk County Police Exam

Do you want to become a Suffolk Police officer or get your well-deserved promotion? The Suffolk County Civil Service Commission has announced the exam date and is currently receiving applications. If you’re planning to apply for the Suffolk Police job, this blog has everything you need to know.

The Suffolk County Police Exam is scheduled for June 17, 2023, and you can submit an application by April 19, 2023. This is held every four years with thousands of applicants, but only a few get selected due to its vigorous criteria. The Suffolk Police Exam falls into the open competitive category, which means anyone who meets the eligibility criteria can apply. That’s why you’ll have to perform better than thousands of candidates; just passing the test won’t cut it. At Civil Service Success, we help candidates score the highest marks on the exams and get selected for their desired civil service job.

Suffolk County Police Department – Overview

The Suffolk County Police Department (SCPD) covers 5 out of 10 towns and has seven precincts and nine additional specialization units. Each unit covers different law enforcement problems, including identity theft, emergency services, property auctions, hate crimes, etc. SCPD is known for its significant contribution to the country’s safety. Their specialized units have served in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and worked on infamous cases like the Amityville Horror.

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Suffolk Police Job Test

Recruitments or promotions in SCPD depend on the Suffolk Police test. You start as a police officer or detective and gradually work your way up to the higher ranks like Captain, Deputy Chief, Chief of Department, etc. If you’re already working as a police officer, you can apply for the Suffolk Police Exam to become a sergeant or lieutenant.

To apply for the job, you must fill out the Suffolk Police application online via SCPD’s official website. Along with the application, you also have to pay a non-refundable exam fee, but there are a few exceptions. Here’s a list of those who are exempted from the application fee:

  • Veterans
  • Members of the local fire district
  • Unemployed Individuals
  • Members of any local ambulance company
  • Individuals serving in the auxiliary police
  • Volunteer CERT members
  • Individuals who receive public assistance or MEDICAID

Requirements for Suffolk Police Exam


To be eligible for the Suffolk Police test, you need to be 19–34 years old. If you’ve turned 35 on the written exam date or before that, you will not be eligible for the test. Those individuals who have reached their maximum age but performed active military duty can deduct up to six years from their age for each year of duty to meet the requirements.

Those individuals who haven’t turned 21 while taking the exam won’t be appointed until they turn 21.


You need to have graduated from a standard senior high school to fulfill the Suffolk Police Exam’s educational requirements. You can also apply if you have an equivalent high school diploma recognized by the NYS Department of Education by the appointment date. No college credits are required.


Suffolk Police test applicants have to be residents of Suffolk County, Nassau County, or New York City to become eligible for it.


To apply for the Suffolk Police Job, you need to have a valid New York State driver’s license at the appointment date of the job. You don’t need a driver’s license during the written exam.


Only US citizens can be appointed for Suffolk Police jobs. Citizenship isn’t required at the time of the written exam.

Salary and Benefits

During the training period, you’ll receive full salary and benefits. The salary starts at $42,000 during training which will gradually increase to over $100,000. You’ll also receive night shift payments.

Some other benefits include:

  • 13 paid holidays
  • 13 sick leaves during the first year of service and 26 sick leaves after three years. Unused sick leaves are cumulative
  • 15 paid vacation days for the initial year, which will increase to 27 after five years of service
  • 3 paid personal days for the first year, increasing to 5 days after three years
  • After you serve for 20 years, you’ll be eligible for a retirement plan. It will be 50% of the five-year final average salary.

What to Expect During Suffolk Police Exam

Written Examination

The written examination consists of questions that test your cognitive abilities, such as observational skills, logical reasoning abilities, school life experience, etc. This test aims to ensure applicants have the skills and traits required for law enforcement duties.

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Physical Ability Test

The physical ability test involves various exercises to see which applicants have the appropriate skills to perform the job.

Psychological Evaluation and Oral Interview

Many applicants feel intimidated during this phase of the Suffolk County Police Exam. You’ll face a team of experienced psychological professionals and police officers who ask situation-based questions to test your cognitive abilities and personality traits.

Background Investigation

SCPD performs a background investigation on applicants to ensure their employment wouldn’t negatively affect law enforcement. This includes checking your criminal records (if any) and checking with your family, friends, and relatives.

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Why Enroll in Civil Service Success Exam Classes

The Suffolk Police Exam is held once in four years with thousands of applicants competing, not to forget the age restrictions. It’s crucial for you to give your best performance during this exam to secure a career in civil service. At Civil Service Success, we have experienced police officers, educators, and former test takers who help you study for the exam. They help you with not only the written exam but also background investigation, oral interview, and physical and psychological investigations.

Our intensive study courses are the most comprehensive and effective programs available in New York State. For your convenience, we offer our classes not only in Suffolk County but also in Queens and Nassau County. From the Suffolk Police application to the police exam, our team will help you succeed at each step. Contact us for details on Suffolk Police Course, or join our email list to get notified about the class schedule.

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