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About Us

Civil Service Success

Law Enforcement Service Systems, the Firefighter Training Group & the Sanitation Training Groups instruction staff has been successfully preparing candidates for Suffolk County Police Exams, New York City Sanitation Exams, New York City Firefighter Exams (FDNY), New York State Court Officers Exam, New York City Police Exams, New York State Trooper Police Exams, Nassau County Police Exams, Suffolk & Nassau County Corrections, Suffolk & Nassau Sheriff,  and various other civil service and federal exams since the 1960′s. We have helped over many candidates score a high mark on civil service exams in order to get appointed & promoted to the job. Ask any current Police Officer, Firefighter, Sanitation Worker and Court Officers who are prior students and they will give our course high recommendations.

Our Intensive study courses are the best programs available for serious candidates who want to score a high mark on these very competitive examinations and get appointed to the job. The window of opportunity for these positions is very short. These exams are typically given only once every four years. This means that if you don’t score a high enough mark on the upcoming exam, you will have to wait another 4 to 6 years before this opportunity becomes available again. In addition, the maximum age restrictions to take some of these exams limit the amount of times you can sit for testing.

About our instructors and materials

Our Instructors are chosen for their experience, success level, expertise, and background. They have highly successful backgrounds and are retired police officers, firefighters, court officers, etc. and have all advanced up in the ranks for their field by being accomplished test takers. In addition, we require our instructors to have excellent teaching and communication skills in order to give you the personal touch and edge you need to score a high mark on the exam. Our Instructors will motivate you and teach you the skills needed to score a high mark on your examination. In addition to preparing you for the competitive written exam, we will give you the knowledge, skills and key information on the Physical, Psychological, Medical, Background Check and Oral Interview portions of the job hiring process.

Our materials are reliable and relevant to each specific exam. We do not offer you a generic course or book on general police exams or firefighter exams, etc. We gear our material towards the current scope of the exam you are taking so that you are studying the correct information from the start. This means there is no wasted study time. Our materials are some of the most current in the industry, we change our materials each time we give a class because civil service exams are continuously updated each time they are given. By doing this, our materials do not become outdated or geared towards past exams that are no longer relevant. So have no doubt that if you are seriously considering a career in these types of civil service fields you have come to the right place to prepare you to score a high grade on the examination. We can make the difference between appointment and disappointment.

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