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The Benefits Of Working In The NYS Police Department

Not sure about filing the Suffolk Police Application? You may be missing out on a really good opportunity. Thousands of people apply for the Suffolk Police exam every time it’s held. The number of applicants is always far higher than the open positions, showing how attractive working in the NYS Police Department is for many.

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Here are the benefits of working in the NYSP that our students value the most.

1- Competitive Salary

New York has some of the highest-paying police departments in the US. Your salary starts at $42,500 with your training. You get continuous increments, reaching $85,292 in 5 and a half years. If you get promoted during this time, you will get greater increments. You also get a uniform allowance, longevity pay, night differential, and other payments. Police officers in NYS can earn more than $100,000 if you include all these payments.

2- Amazing Benefits

The Suffolk Police department offers attractive benefits, especially compared to entry-level positions in the private sector. You get medical benefits that you can select according to your needs and with prescription, dental, and vision coverage. You also have the option to retire after 22 years of service with half pay and $12,000 in variable supplement fund annually.

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3- Unbiased Recruitment

The Suffolk Police exam is as free from bias as possible. All candidates have a fair chance of recruitment regardless of any factors that aren’t relevant to the job. All candidates must compete in the same entrance Suffolk Police written test. These exams are composed, so the answers are always absolute and unambiguous. Your answers are either wrong or right—there’s no room for biased interpretation.

The order of recruitment is also completely unbiased. If you pass the exam, your name is added to a hiring list where all the candidates are listed in the order of their scores. The department calls candidates with the highest scores first, while those at the lower end have to wait. You only get hired earlier if you truly are a better candidate.

All the other steps of the recruitment process are also as free from bias as possible. There are defined criteria for the physical Job Standard Test, the medical exam, the psychological exam, etc. You get the job if you are a good fit and not because you’re from the right background. Few recruiters in the private sector have such an unbiased recruitment process.

Equal opportunity means that you have to earn your position by preparing for the exam. Register for Suffolk Police Courses now!

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4- Opportunities For Promotion 

Promotions are also as unbiased and systematic as the recruitment process. Everyone gets fair opportunities to get promoted to higher positions such as Detective and Sargent. To get promoted, you have to apply for a DCAS promotion exam designed for the position you want.

This test isn’t competitive like the entrance exam. Also, unlike the entrance exam, the promotion exam tests your knowledge about certain job areas, and you have to prepare for it. If you pass the exam, the department will promote you. You also get a raise with promotion with further future promotions. Your career path is clear and only depends on your competence.

5- Opportunities For Education

When you join the Suffolk Police department, you must undergo academic training before starting to work in the field. However, you start earning your starting salary from day 1. You also earn college credits from the training. You can also continue your education while working, as many institutes offer scholarships for Suffolk police officers.

6- Paid Leaves and Compensation Payments

You get unlimited paid sick leaves with full pay from the day you start working. You also get 27 days of paid vacation after five years of service. Different compensation and incentive payments allow you to earn extra amounts on top of your salary. For example, if you have to work past your duty or work in a hazardous environment, you’re fairly compensated for it. You also earn incentive payments for working on a holiday that is a multiple of your normal pay rate.

7- One On The Few Active Jobs

Most modern jobs are sedentary. Employees sit at their decks for 8 hours daily and get up only to have lunch. Modern employees have to find time out of their personal lives to get some workout and stay healthy. Working as a police officer is one of the few jobs where you stay active throughout the day as part of the job. If you care about your long-term health, file the Suffolk Police Application and register for preparation courses today!

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8- Job Satisfaction

People all over the world look up to police officers in New York, thanks to movies and shows such as BB9. Working as a police officer is inherently meaningful. You’re doing something that directly helps the community and improves lives. If you’re looking for a career you can be proud of when you’re 60; the Suffolk Police department is the place for you.

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