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How to Handle Stress Before Your Suffolk County Police Exam

Most Americans want a civil service job due to the many benefits that one offers. That being said, appearing in competitive exams, such as the Suffolk County Police test can be extremely daunting. This is especially true for the candidates attempting it for the first time.

After all, there is a lot at stake. Not only do the exams occur after every 4-6 years, but there’s also a rigid age limit for appearing. This means that aspirants only have limited chances of getting appointed. It can make individuals dread or even hesitate to take the exam.

However, it’s vital to overcome the stress to be able to land your dream job. Don’t worry, we can help you out.

In this blog, we’ll be covering methods to help you handle stress and optimize your studying strategies.

Know the Material

One of the best methods to help with exam stress is to fully understand the material. If you know what you’re going to be tested on, you’re less likely to feel panicked.

However, we understand that preparing for the Suffolk County Police exam isn’t easy. Many individuals don’t know what information will be in the test, which can stress them out. Additionally, candidates also need at least 80% or more to be able to have a chance at an appointment.

It’s why we recommend enrolling in a preparatory course, like Civil Service Success’ Suffolk Police exam one. We’re the only school offering prep classes for the test. Our instructors have backgrounds in law enforcement and know what information is relevant and up-to-date.

In this way, students will know what to know for the exam to make them feel less anxious and more prepared.

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Be Kind to Yourself

An imperative step to handling pre-exam worries is to understand that you’re not alone. Knowing this can help you be kinder to yourself. As a matter of fact, exam stress can affect almost everyone. This can range from kids in elementary school to those applying for civil service exams.

In fact, other aspirants for the Suffolk County Police exam might also be feeling worried about not getting high scores. So, it’s vital to take the time out and appreciate your hard work.

Practice Mindfulness

Stress can be detrimental and hinder a person from achieving their goals. However, there are many methods out there that can help you overcome such negative feelings. Practicing mindfulness is among them.

According to various studies, practicing mindfulness can help individuals manage their stress better. It can even aid in boosting confidence and reducing test anxiety.

That’s why we recommend taking a few minutes out of your study session for breathing exercises. This can help lower your body’s stress response and ensure you’re in the present moment. Practicing techniques for mindfulness can also help you rationally work through anxious thought patterns that might be holding you back.

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Prioritize Sleep

Though hard work can help you succeed, pulling all-nighters is far from a good study habit. In fact, it can be harmful as sleep deprivation seriously impacts an individual’s health. Also, studies confirm that a lack of proper rest can boost stress levels.

Another study reveals that those who sleep poorly the night before an exam are likely to:

  1. Feel more anxious, or even have test anxiety
  2. Have anxiety symptoms, such as a fast heart rate and an upset stomach
  3. Feel worse about their exam performance

In saying that, we understand that stress can also make it difficult for someone to fall asleep. It can also result in various sleep disorders. To ensure you rest better the night before an exam, try to follow a routine and avoid sleeping in. This can help you optimize sleep and set your body’s internal clock.

It’s also best to avoid using electronic devices an hour or so before bed. That’s because the blue light they emit can reduce the body’s production of melatonin, which Is a sleep-inducing hormone.

Additionally, we recommend not drinking coffee before bed either— this leads to our next point.

Avoid Consuming Too Much Caffeine

Most individuals prefer drinking caffeine to help them study. That’s because the substance is extremely helpful in boosting energy. However, consuming a lot of coffee, soda, and energy drinks can also cause harm. According to various studies, caffeine can negatively impact a person’s sleep.

The substance can also result in symptoms such as:

  1. Faster breaths
  2. Faster heart beats
  3. Nausea
  4. Sweating

Why Do It Alone When You Can Prepare with Civil Service Success?

Preparing for civil exams like the Suffolk County Police exam can be a massive undertaking. There are various sections that will test the candidates’ critical thinking, reading comprehension, mathematical skills, and problem-solving. Additionally, individuals have to go through a physical and psychological exam as well as an oral interview. All of this can be stressful.

This is where Civil Service Success comes in!

a person studying for their Suffolk County Police exam with Civil Service Success

We are a well-known civil service exam preparatory school that offers courses for the Suffolk County Police test. Our instructors are from law enforcement backgrounds and are vetted to ensure students get the best possible help. These teachers know the industry as well as understand what tools can help candidates pass the exam with flying colors.

Our Suffolk Police exam course is also designed by experts to have materials that have important, relevant, and reliable information for the exams.

We also offer preparatory courses for the NYC firefighter and sanitation exams.

Contact us now to register for our Suffolk police exam courses! Or to get more information about the services we offer.

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