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Dos and Don’ts of Preparing for the Civil Services Exam

A lot of people under-prepare for their first civil service tests. This is a wasted opportunity since most civil service exams can only be taken every 4 to 5 years. Nowadays, everybody is talking about the Suffolk county police exam. It might even interest you since a Suffolk county police officer in New York makes $158,000 on average yearly.

The Suffolk county police exam draws in a lot of people, which makes it difficult to pass. Let’s take a look at the recruitment process for these kinds of exams before we dive into the dos and don’ts of exam prep.

The Recruitment Process

A lot of people want to apply for civil service institutions but what they fail to realize is that there are only limited seats available. New York City is quite an appealing location for applying for civil service jobs due to the competitive market compensation, amazing perks, great work-life balance, and well-defined career paths.

This is one of the main reasons why people want to opt to become a Suffolk county police officer. The best part? You can apply and take the exams even if you don’t satisfy all the prerequisites, for example, age. The federal government has to accept all applicants and deal with them fairly and equally.

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Anyone can become a Suffolk county police officer in Long Island. This means there is going to be fierce competition. Just passing these exams won’t get you a civil service job. You need to go above and beyond and amaze the examiner. This is so that government agencies can create a “hiring list” of all the test-passing applicants. This list is available to the public.

Those who put more effort into their exam preparation are rewarded and put on the top of the list. When a post opens up in your desired workplace, the HR department calls the top candidates for an interview. If you’re too far down the list, you might not even be contacted for an interview.

When studying for a Suffolk county civil service test, you must take a lot of aspects into consideration if you want to be recruited more quickly. Here are some tips for studying for the civil service examination and some things that should be avoided.

Do Start Prepping Right Away!

Have you submitted the Suffolk County police application? No? Time is of the essence! The greatest method to outperform the competition is to register as soon as you can. We’re currently enrolling students who want to become the next county police officer.

If you want to apply for the NYS Court officer exam, firefighter exam, NYC sanitation exam, or any other DCAS exam, stay in touch with us to enroll in those respective classes. You’ll perform better the earlier you begin preparing.

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Don’t Wing It

These exams are designed in such a way that they can assess several abilities and skills. If you think the tests for the Suffolk Police or FDNY only require candidates to solve complicated problems, then you have a surprise coming. All civil service tests have questions that are difficult to answer if you haven’t properly prepared for them.

You might believe that these examinations solely evaluate your suitability for the position, but these tests also assess you for departmental leadership positions. Particularly in the case of the Suffolk and Nassau County Police tests.

Additionally, the recruiting list we previously stated wouldn’t be effective if the exams were simple because many people would receive a perfect score. These tests guarantee your cognitive skills by having questions of varying degrees of difficulty.

Do Ditch Unnecessary Books

When it comes to any other exam, prep books help you get different views on the same subject. The problem is that most study guides are written for US-wide civil service tests. You won’t find a book solely made on NYS court officer exams or Suffolk County civil service tests.

It’s advised to enroll in preparatory programs with instructors who have experience in the department you’re interested in. Your local teachers are familiar with the particulars of such exams and aren’t hell-bent on trying to sell copies of their books or make a few extra bucks.

Don’t Underestimate The Competition

You’ll face competition from applicants from all over New York when you appear in civil service examinations. Residents of the counties close to NYC can also apply and increase the competition. The people in such exams have varying levels of education, backgrounds, and knowledge that might supersede yours.

With every four years that pass by, more and more people apply for these exams. You can notice a wide range of scores on the recruiting list for the prior exam. As mentioned previously, candidates who perform the best are the first ones called in. Keep that in mind when you start prepping for your exam.

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Do Know Your Study Material

Compile the course material in your study journal and arrange it in order of importance or weight. First, finish the crucial parts, then check off each topic as you complete it. You will feel more accomplished in your progress with this strategy. On the other hand, if you don’t, there’s a chance you’ll lose out on some topics.

Register With Civil Service Success To Get Your Dream Civil Service Job!

Nobody can prepare you for the DCAS examinations more effectively than people who have successfully worked in federal agencies in New York City. We hire tutors who prepare you for every aspect of the exam. Our Suffolk County police exam prep classes start in May 2023.

If you want to ace this exam with flying colors, we suggest you enroll immediately. We also provide preparation sessions for the NYC Firefighters and sanitation exams. Get in touch with us and register today!

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