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How to Have a Study-Life Balance When Prepping for the 2023 Suffolk Police Exam

The 2023 Suffolk police exam is just a few months away. Many candidates are preparing for the exam with a single aim to pass and get their dream Suffolk police job. It may encourage them to drop everything else and stay locked inside their bedrooms to study and prepare. However, there should be an equilibrium between career, social, and personal life. A balanced routine is a more productive routine.

Neglecting social and personal life can decrease your sense of support. Therefore, it is essential to create a study-life balance. Allocating time for studies and other activities with friends and family can help candidates stay motivated.

Keeping that in mind, here’s a list of things you can do to maintain a healthy study-life balance.

Create a Planner

Make a weekly planner with a checklist of things you need to do. Make sure that your weekly planning has a balance of study time and fun time. If you’re studying for 4 hours a day, make sure that there are breaks in between or other activities planned on the same day. A planner will help you maintain your time more efficiently without putting a lot of study pressure and enhance your productivity.

You can indulge in a creative activity by making and decorating a physical planner. You can also opt for a digital planner that is accessible on your phone.

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Set Realistic Goals and Rewards

To balance Suffolk police test preparation with your regular activities, reward yourself on completing a study goal. Start by setting realistic study goals for yourself. And once you’ve achieved those goals, give yourself small rewards for your effort and hard work.

For example, you can plan to learn three different concepts in a day. Once you’ve achieved this milestone, you can reward yourself with 1 hour of fun time and meet up with your friends. It will also act as positive reinforcement that will motivate you to do better and achieve all your milestones.

Don’t Procrastinate

If you procrastinate and delay your preparation, you are likely to start a week before the exam when there’s a lot left to cover. It will leave you with no time for yourself and your social life, leading to more stress due to a heavy study load.

Pace yourself according to your planner, and don’t leave things for the next day. You don’t want to be physically and mentally exhausted on exam day.

Don’t Multitask

You might think doing more than one thing at a time is productive. However, multi-tasking often consumes more energy than individual tasks. The brain can only focus on one thing at a time. Therefore, trying to do two things together can lead to lower productivity, poor performance, and time wastage. It will lead to less free time for yourself.

Research shows that it can also lower your IQ. Therefore, it is better to complete one task before moving to another one.

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Mediate or Exercise

Meditation can help you become more mindful. Research shows that it can essentially improve mental health, reduce stress, increase concentration, and improve decision-making skills. It is a 15-20 minute activity that can be done during breaks to clear your mind and feel more relaxed. This way, you can take out time for your mental health.

If you prefer exercise over meditation, you can also do that. It will release endorphins and reduce stress while helping you remain fit and healthy during the preparation process.

Avoid Distractions 

Social media is something you should avoid during exam preparation. It tends to make you procrastinate and waste time. You will be scrolling on your social media apps for hours without realizing it. Instead, you can spend this time with your friends and family.

Moreover, make sure to carry out your study sessions in a quiet environment. Studying with the television on in the background can distract you and break your focus. Similarly, studying around family and friends is not the same as spending time with them.

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Hang out with Friends

Socializing and having meaningful friendships can create a healthy study-life balance. Having friends mean having a support system that can encourage and motivate you to do better. Research shows that socializing can improve memory and cognitive skills. It can also considerably reduce stress levels and elevate mood and happiness.

Make sure you take out some time during this preparation phase to hang out with your friends and forget about your worries for some hours.

Stick to the Plan

Stick to the task list that you first created in your planner. You may feel the urge to replace your fun activities with additional study time a few days before the exam. Don’t remove it entirely. However, you can shorten the time. Make sure you’re maintaining this balance throughout. It will give you time to relax when the pressure increases.

Take Care of Yourself

Take care of your mind and body. Preparing for the Suffolk police exam can be difficult for most. However, don’t let it affect your physical and mental health. Eat a proper diet, and don’t skip meals. Make sure you don’t pull all-nighters and try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every day. You can’t risk getting sick on exam day.

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