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2023 Suffolk Police Exam 101: How to Study Smarter

As 2023 begins, many individuals have started to practice and study for the Suffolk Police exam, which will be held the same year on June 17. The Suffolk police test is often regarded as the most rigorous test in the country — hundreds and thousands of applicants take it each year — with just a handful passing.

One of the most effective strategies to prepare for the Suffolk police exam is to study smartly and understand what you are signing up for. We have compiled a few tips on how to study smarter for Suffolk Police Exam to help you begin preparation.

How to Study Smarter For Suffolk Police Exam

Here are a few helpful methods of studying smarter for the Suffolk Police Exam.

Find Out What Skills You Will Be Assessed On

The first and most important thing to do when preparing for any exam is to determine exactly what skills or capabilities the exam aims to test. Here are a few areas the Suffolk Police Test will focus on:

  • Grammar/Spelling
  • Mathematics
  • Problem-solving and Judgement
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Memorization

Once you know the areas the test will focus on, you can begin preparing accordingly.

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Come Up With a Study Plan

Once you know what the Suffolk Police exam will include, the next step is to devise an effective study plan. One strategy that most candidates find helpful is allocating each day of the week to different subjects. Doing so helps you ensure you are not missing out on anything important and helps you cover all topics effectively.

Moreover, make sure to allocate some time to revision each day since if you don’t revise what you studied the previous day, your hard work might go to waste since you may forget everything.

Focus On the Areas Where You Underperform

Once you know some areas that the written test will focus on, one helpful strategy to study smarter is to begin working on the areas where you tend to underperform. For example, if you have always been weak at mathematics, you might want to start by improving your math skills to ensure you do not lose marks there.

Most mathematics questions in the Suffolk police exam are presented to candidates as word problems. These questions test different math skills, from arithmetic to decimals and fractions. So you want to focus on practicing with word problems and learning how to debunk word problems to get to the answers.

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Learn How to Study

Even though every individual is different and will have different methods of studying, knowing how to study to ensure you are preparing yourself for the exam in the best possible way is critical. Here are a few factors you must keep in mind to ensure you are studying the right way:

  • Avoid distractions: One characteristic of top-performing candidates is their ability to stay disciplined throughout study sessions. Staying disciplined involves avoiding distractions during your study sessions and ensuring that your mind is completely focused on preparing for the test. One way to do so is to switch off all mobile phones and television and avoid scrolling on social media
  • Allocate 50 minutes to studying each topic and 10 minutes for a break: If you don’t take breaks between study sessions, your ability to memorize important information can be negatively impacted. Therefore, taking breaks during study sessions is critical to stay focused and avoiding getting overwhelmed
  • Train short-term memories to become long-term ones: Taking notes during study sessions and revising those notes each day is an effective way to retain information and avoid forgetting important points

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Stay Focused and Motivated

The process of preparing for a Suffolk Police Test can be stressful, and sometimes it may become easy to lose focus and get demotivated. One major reason most people get demotivated when preparing for the Suffolk police test is that they set accomplishable goals for study sessions.

You must understand that it may not be possible to cover a whole topic during one study session and break it apart into a few different sessions to memorize and learn it effectively.

Setting realistic goals and keeping sight of your end goal: passing the exam, and becoming a law enforcement official, is the best way to maintain focus and stay motivated when preparing for a Suffolk Police Exam.

Collect Current and Relevant Study Materials

One issue with online study material, study guide videos, and even books is that the study material they provide may be outdated. When preparing for the Suffolk police test, you want to look for resources with the current and updated study material.

One of the best ways to ensure you are getting updated study material and practice questions is to register yourself in Suffolk Police Exam preparation classes and workshops to get your hands on the latest materials and practice questions and seek professional guidance.

Workshops may also be an excellent way to interact with other individuals preparing for the test and get advice from them on effective strategies to prepare for the exam. Moreover, studying with others with the same goal as yours can also keep you motivated.

Prepare Yourself for Success with Civil Service Success

If you want to maximize your chances of excelling in the 2023 Suffolk police exam, follow the tips mentioned above to study smarter for Suffolk Police Exam and register for Suffolk police classes at Civil Service Success.

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