NYC Fire Department


NYC Fire Department

The Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY), as it is officially known, is the largest civil outfit of its kind in the US and the second largest globally. Comprising of numerous units, divisions and ranks, the FDNY exists to respond to public emergency situations. Primary response is provided in situations involving fires, natural disasters, general public/civil safety, acts of terrorism and medical crisis.

The FDNY prides its self in diligence, commitment to duty, honor, diversity, equity and public service.

Department History

Though the department had been established as a volunteer/civic social responsibility outfit back in the 1600s, it was after 1865 that it started offering paid career opportunities. It was also after this time that horse drawn hook and ladder carriages were introduced and the first engine company took off.

Recent Data and Department Information

In the previous year, the FDNY responded to over one hundred thousand incidents which included emergency situations. The department employs over fifteen thousand individuals across the city with include primary response, fire prevention and medical professionals.

Apart from emergency response, the FDNY partakes in social education and ensures that various sites within the city are following established fire safety protocols.

Employment and Benefits

Being a part of the FDNY is both personally rewarding and something to be proud of. The department offers individuals of over 21 years of age the potential career paths listed below.


The career path most associated with the FDNY is that of a firefighter. Firefighters are first responders to emergency situations relating to fires as well as other potential safety hazards. Individuals looking to become firefighters are required to meet certain eligibility basics as well as clear a two part exam.

Eligibility basics include physical fitness, psycho-emotional stability and other particulars that you can read about on the NYC Firefighter Exam page. The exam itself, comprises of a theoretical section and a practical section where physical abilities are tested.

As a career path, becoming a firefighter offers numerous benefits. These include pensions, family medical coverage and a median annual salary of over USD 73,000. The position also offers immense potential for growth.

EMS (Emergency Medical Service)

The EMS division of the FDNY consists of paramedics as well as emergency medical technicians (EMTs). Candidates must have the necessary minimal formal certification to practice as an EMT or paramedic. Apart from this, working for the EMS division of the FDNY requires successful clearance of a yearlong period of probation as well as successful clearance of psychological assessment.

EMT positions offer starting salaries of over USD 35,000 annually whereas paramedic positions start at over USD 48,000. Both positions offer massive room for growth as well as other benefits such as diverse health coverage and generous pensions.

Fire Alarm Dispatcher

Fire alarm dispatchers are operators that coordinate between department units and those in situations that require emergency support. Applying as a fire alarm dispatcher does not require the passing of a physical exam but drug screening prior to appointment is mandatory. The position also requires that the applicant possesses an associate degree or sixty college credits that can be formally accounted for. Candidates also need to provide evidence of domicile as native regional familiarity is a basic job requirement. Two years of experienced working in certain job capacities is also a pre-requisite for this position.

Apart from perks and benefits, the average salary for someone working as a fire alarm dispatcher is in the area of USD 74,000 or more annually.

Fire Protection Inspector

Fire protection inspectors perform surveys of private and public spaces to ensure that they are up to par with local fire safety regulations. Apart from this, they also inspect any fire safety equipment on the premises to make sure that it is in working order.

Academic requirements for this position include over 20 credits for studies relating to physical science as well as three years of work experience undertaking certain job types. Other prerequisites are character assessment, drug testing and basic physical fitness.

The fire protection inspector position pays a starting salary of USD 43,919 annually as well as extensive family and partner insurance coverage and huge potential for growth.

Additional Information

Individuals who have served in the military be entitled to certain leniencies with regard to age of application and other particulars. There are also separate conditions set for individuals applying for positions requiring college credits who have received education overseas.

Currently available job openings as well as details of related eligibility requirements are available on the official FDNY webpage as well as on our site. We help applicants prepare for different mandatory tests associated with the FDNY and other civil service assessments.

If you’re looking to apply to one of the positions stated above and wish to partake in our test preparation, the button below will direct you to the relevant page.

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