How to Pass the Police Test on Exam Day

How to Pass the Police Test on Exam Day

If you’re applying for a Nassau or Suffolk police exam test, you’ll have to undergo a longer recruitment process, including a test.

The written test is a crucial step in the recruitment and selection process. The higher the score, the higher chances of selection are. The test preparation requires more than a few weeks of studying.

If you’re unsure how to prepare for the test so you can pass with flying numbers, this guide will walk you through the process. After all, what’s the point of all those tiresome and stressful nights of studying if you don’t reap the benefit?

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The Strategy to Prepare on Exam Day

If you want to succeed in the police exam, it’s best to prepare better than other candidates since the competition is high. The places are limited, and you have to make sure you give your best. You need to come up with a well-defined strategy for that.

That’s what we’re trying to achieve here with this guide.

The Day Before the Test

The 24 hours before the test day are crucial. Some people make the mistake of learning new material on the day before the test. There’s no point in doing that because it only adds to stress.

Studies show that any material studied on a penultimate day (the day before the test) isn’t retained. Instead of learning something new, you can revise the material studied before. You must have collected flashcards and notes to learn the material. Plan the day accordingly and stick to it.

Use the notes for revision, and be sure to revisit all of them. You should take breaks in between to reboot yourself.

Besides revision, you should also sleep well before the exam day. Instead of staying up late, relax your brain with a long, rested sleep. It will prepare you for the long day ahead. You can increase your chance of doing well if you rest well before the exam.

Set your alarm and get up on time – in fact, earlier. It’ll keep you from rushing things and reach the venue on time.

A person sleeping the night before a police exam

The Exam Day

The exam day is here. Now what?

If you want to perform well, be sure to have a healthy breakfast full of protein and fruits. Avoid sugary cereals and empty carbs, as they make you starve for more. Sugary drinks are also off the table.

Get up on time when the alarm goes off and give yourself sufficient time to get ready and reach the exam center. If you turn up at the exam venue 5 minutes before the exam begins, it’ll add to the exam stress. Reach the center at least half an hour earlier before any civil service exam, including the police test.

Maximize The Result

You should have a pre-defined plan if you want to maximize your chance of success. Don’t spend more time than necessary on each question. No matter how frustrating it can be, skip any question if you don’t know the answer or are having a difficult time solving it. You can return to it after you have completed the rest of the test.

When you avoid that one irritating question, you can use that time to answer others you know. Doing this will increase your results. Besides, some questions will surely stump you no matter how much you try. You’ll not know the answer to these questions.

One way to solve these questions is to eliminate one answer which you’re 100% sure isn’t right. This way, you can narrow down the possible answers and have more chances of guessing the correct answer.

There’s at least one obviously incorrect answer in most police exam tests. When you identify that, you can gain an edge over other competitors. This strategy is well worth it if you want to secure more correct answers.


Ending Notes

To sum it up, you need to do these things on the exam day and before to maximize your chances of passing the police test with a high score:

  • Never learn new material a day before the police test.
  • Revise your notes to maximize your learning.
  • Get good sleep and avoid staying up late to learn a new topic.
  • Set up the alarm earlier to prepare for the exam.
  • Have a fulsome breakfast that includes proteins and fruits. Avoid sugary drinks and carbs.
  • Reach the exam center half an hour earlier so you can find your seat.
  • Create a plan to solve the questions and stick to it.
  • Attempt all questions but skip those that take longer time.
  • Find an answer that’s most likely incorrect and eliminate them to narrow down your options.
  • Leave some time for the end of the test so you can review your answers.

These tips will surely maximize your chance of passing the police exam test and making it to your dream job.

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