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Feeling Overwhelmed for the 2023 Suffolk Police Test? Here’s What You Can Do

Do you experience a stomach-dropping feeling every time you think about exams? It’s common to feel anxious and overwhelmed while preparing for an exam that can influence your future. Research shows that 48.1% of people experience moderate test anxiety, while 6.5% experience severe test anxiety. Therefore, if you think you’re alone, you’re not.

The Suffolk Police Test is one of the most challenging of all the Civil Service Exams. The competition for positions in the Suffolk County Police department is intense. It can cause candidates to feel overwhelmed.

Here are some signs you may be experiencing exam stress or feeling overwhelmed.


  • You think you have too much to prepare but there’s not enough time.
  • You feel your heart racing whenever you think about the upcoming exam.
  • You don’t know where to start and how to track your progress.
  • You feel de-motivated and distracted.

Effects on Your Progress

When you spend more time thinking about the exam than preparing for it, you can fall behind, which affects your progress. It can make you switch between different tasks and postpone them. Furthermore, it can lead to poor planning and lowered productivity.

If you’re preparing for the Suffolk Police Exam in 2023, you still have plenty of time, and we can help you with that. Our Suffolk Police Exam prep classes are starting soon.

In the meantime, we have some tips to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Create a Study Plan

A study plan can help you keep track of your progress. Create a list of things you need to do, such as the number of practice tests, revisions, etc. Allocate a day and time to each task. Having a proper schedule to follow can help you avoid the feeling of not knowing where to start or what to do.

It will decrease the initial anxiety of feeling lost. Eventually, it will help you become more productive and motivated each day as you tick off one task after another and complete all your objectives.

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Keep the Distractions Away

Checking your social media may overwhelm you more. It is not the time to check your social media apps as it may waste your time and make you feel guilty for wasting time, adding to your exam anxiety.

Make sure you keep your phone away during study time to avoid being distracted and losing track of your time and progress.

Try Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can help you avoid stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. If you feel your heart racing every time you think about the exam, you might be getting overwhelmed. Try to find breathing exercises online and find one that helps you feel calm and at ease. If breathing exercises don’t work, you can try listening to soothing music as well.


Maintain Energy Levels

Feeling overwhelmed can be exhausting. Studying and pulling all-nighters with a poor diet can make it worse. Eat food that is healthy with fewer carbs, and drink more water. Avoid overdosing on caffeine, as it can mess up your sleep cycle.

Make sure your food has protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids to maintain your energy levels. You can also snack on chocolates while you work. Research shows that dark and milk chocolates can help you de-stress and relax your body.

Don’t skip exercise. Try exercising for at least half an hour in the morning to start your day feeling fresh.

Two people studying together for the Suffolk Police Exam

Try Group Study Sessions

If you know other people appearing for the same exam, you can try out group study sessions. Being around your friends can reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and it can be an effective study technique.

You can also ask for help from your peers if you feel you’re stuck. Research shows that 60% of people report they learn better during group studies, and 70% of people report feeling more motivated.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks to do things you enjoy can help elevate your mood and reduce stress. You can’t be productive if you spend the whole day studying. Research shows that taking small breaks can make you more productive than working non-stop.

Create time for small breaks in your study plan to do simple things like taking a walk outside or watching your favorite show. It can help you create a balance without feeling pressured or guilty.

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Get Enough Sleep

Having a proper sleep schedule can help you concentrate better. Research suggests that seven to eight hours of sleep can help improve focus and memory. Pulling all-nighters can leave you feeling distressed and can even make you sick. You don’t want this to happen to you before the big exam. Therefore, make sure you get enough sleep to stay energized and productive.

Trust the Process

As the exam date gets closer, you may feel more overwhelmed. It is the time to believe in yourself and give yourself a pep talk. Take a look at your study plan to see how far you’ve come and how close you’re to the finishing line. Be proud of your progress.

Keep all these tips in mind when you start preparing for the Suffolk Police Exam in 2023. It will work out in the end if you work hard. So, when are you starting?

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