FDNY” stands for Fire Department of the City of New York also known as New York’s Bravest and the New York City Fire Department. The FDNY has many nick names at various Fire Companies throughout New York City. We at Civil Service Success like to also call them the heroes we call in an emergency. Civil Service Success is committed to help candidates score a high mark on the upcoming FDNY entry level examination. You can access more information at our website: www.civilservicesuccess.com

The official description on Wikipedia for FDNY goes as follows:

The New York City Fire Department, officially the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) is the full-service fire department of New York City, serving all five boroughs. The FDNY is responsible for fire suppression and fire prevention, and is a major provider of EMS services in New York City. Beyond fire suppression and EMS, the FDNY is responsible for a broad range of services, including technical rescueCBRN defense, and structural collapse response and analysis. The FDNY is equipped with a wide variety of general-purpose and specialized Vehicles,Tools and Equipment to serve its varied missions.

The New York City Fire Department is the largest municipal fire department in both the United States, and the Western Hemisphere, and the second largest in the world after the Tokyo Fire Department.[citation needed] The FDNY employs over 11,000 uniformed firefighting employees, 4,274 uniformed EMS employees, and 2,096 civilian employees. Its regulations are compiled in title 3 of the New York City Rules.[9] The FDNY’s motto is “New York’s Bravest” for fire, and “New York’s Best” for EMS. The FDNY serves more than 8.5 million residents within a 302 square mile area.[10]

The FDNY headquarters is located at 9 MetroTech Center in Downtown Brooklyn,[11] and the FDNY Fire Academy is located on Randalls Island.[12] The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) locals are 94, 854, and 4959. EMS is represented by DC 37 Locals 2507 for EMTs and paramedics and Local 3621 for officers.

The FDNY is having an open competitive FDNY written exam in late Spring 2024, The filing period of this New York City Firefighter Exam is 3/6/2024 to 5/21/2024. The applications for the FDNY exam can be filed online with DCAS (Department of Citywide Administrative Services).

Benefits and Salary

FDNY Firefighters receive an incredible benefits package and a competitive salary.

  • Lifelong medical coverage for you and your family
  • FDNY Growth opportunities
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Up to four weeks paid vacation per year
  • Generous pension

FDNY Starting salary for a Firefighter is $45,196. But with overtime and holiday pay, which is often required, you can get additional compensation bringing the starting salary to over $60,000 a year. After five years, a Firefighter can make more than $110,000, including overtime and holiday pay.

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The Firefighter candidate eligibility requirements are as follows:

You can start your process of becoming an FDNY Firefighter as early as 17 1/2 years of age. You should not reach your 29th birthday by the beginning of the application process. However, there are exceptions to this rule:

  • If you are on the Special Military list for the Firefighter Exam, you cannot turn 36-years old by the beginning of the current application period to be eligible to take the exam.
  • If you were on active military duty, you can subtract up the amount of time you spent on duty from your actual age. The maximum you can subtract is 6 years. This rule is defined in Section 243 of New York State Military Law.

If you meet requirements above, you must:

  • Pass both the computer-based test and physical ability test.
  • Be a U.S. citizen at the time of appointment.
  • Be at least 21 years of age by time of appointment.
  • Be able to prove your identity and the right to obtain employment in the United States under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.
  • Pass medical and psychological tests, as well as a drug screening.
  • Demonstrate proof of good character and pass a background investigation.
  • Be able to understand and be understood in English.
  • Hold a valid New York State motor vehicle driver’s license.
  • Be a resident of one of the five boroughs of New York City or live in Nassau, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk or Westchester County.

Education/Military/Work Experience Eligibility

  • By the date of appointment, have a four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent.
  • Have at least 15 college semester credits earned at an accredited college or university.
  • OR, for applicants with a military service background, must have full-time military service with an honorable discharge.
  • OR six months of full-time, satisfactory, paid work experience.

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Register for our comprehensive FDNY Entrance Exam class, designed to enhance your knowledge and skills in preparation for the upcoming exam and help you excel in your career.

This class comprises of two engaging 2.5-hour in-person sessions, supplemented by an accessible online practice course that can be completed at your own pace. We will provide our students with a lesson booklet at the beginning of each in-person class, which will contain information that corresponds to the lecture given in class that day. It will also contain exam practice questions, which will be completed both in class and at home.

As per Join FDNY: If you’ve ever dreamt of being a member of New York’s Bravest, this could be your gateway to the most rewarding career you will ever have. Best-in-class training and advancement opportunities are just some of the benefits FDNY offers. If you have the courage, the heart and the desire to be a leader, we invite you to explore what it takes to Join FDNY. All are welcome to serve our great City.

The City of New York (nyc.gov) DCAS

Over 80% of city government positions require you to take and pass a civil service exam. Standardized testing helps ensure the hiring and promotion processes are fair, competitive, and result in the City hiring the most qualified candidate for the job.

DCAS typically administers over 180 exams to more than 110,000 candidates on an annual basis. Taking an exam is a multi-step process, but once you complete it and pass, you become eligible to work with the City of New York. You can apply for an exam on any desktop computer with internet access or at one of our testing centers in each of the five boroughs. For more information on the exams process visit the exams page.

DCAS Computer-based Testing and Application Centers (CTACs) have re-opened to the public. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, walk-ins are no longer accepted and appointments must be scheduled online through OASys.

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