FDNY Exam -NYC Firefighter Exam Update!

NYC Firefighter Exam (FDNY Exam) is to be held in the fall 2024. The most recent information per DCAS is that the filing period for the FDNY exam will start on June 24, 2024. This FDNY open competitive exam comes out only once every 4 to 5 years so the time to act is now for any FDNY candidates who would like to become a New York City Firefighter and may want to take a prep course.

study of the NYC Fire Fighter Position showed that several abilities are required to perform the job effectively. The following describes the examination that tests for these abilities and included in the Civil Service Success Prep Course. The required abilities are:

1. Reading Comprehension: Ability to read and comprehend technical and legal materials.

2. Reasoning, Judgement and Interferential Thinking: Ability to interpret visual, written, and verbal information, draw logical conclusions and determine an appropriate course of action.

3. Listening: Ability to identify and attend to the pertinent details in oral communications through listening.

4. Memory and Recall: Ability to recall facts from written notes or observations of events and activities.

5. Observation: Ability to observe the scene, takes note of important aspects of the scene, and makes decisions accordingly.

6. Cooperation and Teamwork: Ability to work with others cooperatively to achieve a group goal.

7. Flexibility: Ability to adapt behavior to fit a specific situation, including situations that change rapidly.

8. Creating a Professional Image/Conscientiousness: Ability to present a professional image through demonstrating high personal standards of conduct and maintaining composure in difficult situations.

9. Perceptions: Ability to see events from the perspective of others, to be empathetic and supportive of others and to interpret cues (such as tone of voice or nonverbal behavior) that indicate the feelings or reactions of others.

The FDNY exam is administered by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services of New York City. A FDNY Exam Prep Course is being given by Civil Service Success. The academy training for the FDNY Position is run by the New York City Fire Department.

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