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4 Ways to Ace the NYS Suffolk County Police Interview

SCPD just recently announced the next Suffolk County Police Exam. The exam is scheduled for June 17, 2023. If you’re thinking of filing the Suffolk Police Application, you have till April 19, 2023, to do so. However, you don’t have as much freedom for exam and interview preparation.

Civil Service Success has been helping candidates succeed in getting civil service jobs in Suffolk and Nassau counties for over 45 years. As we shall see, you will need all the help you can get to land a Suffolk Police job successfully. Join our preparation classes to give yourself a superior chance of success!

The most critical part of the recruitment process is the written exam. Still, doing badly in the interviews can potentially disqualify you. Here are some ways to ace the NYS Suffolk County Police interviews.

1- Learn The Details of the Different Interviews

The Suffolk Police hiring process involves multiple interviews. If you score high on the written exam, you’re called for an initial interview with a recruiter who goes over your application. This interview is quite similar to interviews for private-sector jobs.

The second interview is an oral psychological exam that tests if you’re mentally fit for the job. In another interview, a recruiter reviews your psychological exam results and discusses the details with you. There’s also a final polygraph examination or a “lie detector” interview. If you pass all these, you’re offered a job in the Suffolk county police department.

Each of these interviews poses a different challenge. The only way to increase your chances of success is by learning about the recruitment process in detail. Instructors at Civil Service Success are chosen for their highly successful backgrounds in police, firefighting, and other civil service departments. They can give you insight into all the different interviews of the hiring process so you’re well-prepared for every step. Join our Suffolk Police Course today!

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2- Improve Your Mental Health

There are multiple written psychological exams and then one oral psychological interview to determine if you’re mentally fit for the job. This only shows how important it is to be mentally healthy to land a Suffolk Police job.

The written exam is scheduled for June 17, 2023, but you won’t be called for the initial interview right after that. You have at least a few to prepare for the psychological exams. Here are some ways to improve your mental health.

Social More Often

Social skills are highly valuable for police officers. You’ll spend 40 hours a week working with the same partners for years. You will need good social skills to be a good fit. Police officers with better social skills can also communicate better with civilians and make them feel safe. If you don’t have marketable social skills, start socializing a bit more, and you’ll be there when it’s time for your interview.

Get Regular Exercise

Improving your physical health can have an enormous positive impact on your mental health. You will also need to be in a good physical state to pass the Suffolk Police Job Standard Test (JST), a rigorous physical exam with a time limit.

Keep Your Stress Levels Low

This sounds like a very superficial piece of advice, but there are ways you can lower your general stress levels if you’re dedicated. Chronic stress can take a toll on your mental and physical health. It can lead to depression and lower your life satisfaction. Stress can also cause insulin resistance, possibly making you fail your medical exam. Take meditation or yoga, get proper sleep, and avoid stressful situations to keep your stress levels low.

Talk To a Professional

If you have a psychological condition, only a professional can help you treat it, so you’re in your optimal mental state when you’re ready to join the Suffolk Police department.

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3- Find Your Motivation For Joining the SCPD

Civil service jobs have many benefits that private sector jobs don’t. It’s completely valid to want to join the SCPD for the salary and benefits. Still, it would make you a better candidate if you have a deeper motivation. Many people want to become police officers for a chance to help the community. Others see themselves being promoted to detective and higher positions to contribute to the justice system more substantially.

The recruiters will ask you many questions in the initial and the following interviews to determine your motivation to join the police. You need to know it in your heart to answer all the questions in the best way possible. Try to find an ideological motivation for joining the police and keep it in mind during the hiring process.

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4- Score High In The Exam

Your score in the written exam determines your success more than anything else. The exam only comes once every 4 to 6 years, and thousands of people apply. If you pass the exam, your name is added to a list of all the other candidates that also passed.

When it’s time to hire candidates, the Suffolk Police department calls people from the top of the list. Only people who get the highest marks are called first. You may never get a call if you barely pass the exam. You have to ace the exam in order to get a chance to ace the interview.

At Civil Service Success, we offer Suffolk Police Courses that train you for the written exam and all the other steps of the recruitment process. Our instructors will get you familiarized with the interviews so you have nothing standing in your way to successfully land a Suffolk Police job.

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