Firefighters: Top 11 Characteristics Of Effective Leaders

Firefighters: Top 11 Characteristics Of Effective Leaders

Firefighting is one of the most challenging yet noblest jobs in the world. Firefighters put out fires and keep the public safe from natural catastrophes like extreme weather events and traffic accidents.

Have you dreamt of becoming a firefighter one day? Well, all you have to do is register for a test and pass it. Thousands of interested candidates appear in the exam. This means that candidates must compete against others during the recruitment process to get a greater chance of securing a position.

However, before applying for the job, it’s crucial to understand the essential skills every firefighter applicant must master. Knowing about firefighting abilities like situational awareness and efficient leadership will help you decide if firefighting is a good fit for you.

A team of firefighters putting out a fire Take a look at this ultimate guide to learn about some leadership traits needed to become a firefighter in New York.

1. They Should Be A Team Player

A firefighter applicant must have excellent team player skills. Most emergency protocols require teamwork tasks like holding the water hose or the protective sheet to save a citizen.

Firefighters have safety protocol training in which they pair up two to three applicants to test their collaborative skills. These protocols help eliminate the chance of any mishap and confusion when a real-life situation comes up.

2. Should Master The Art Of Problem Solving

Firefighting is much more than just putting out fires. A property’s structure could collapse if a fire heats the beams and other supporting components. The metal inside the beams deteriorates, leading to structural failure and ultimately down the building.

Firefighters must examine the construction of buildings to pinpoint the weakest points. They devise a strategy to carefully put out fires at structural components to avoid mishaps.

A firefighter putting out a fire using a water hose3. They Must Work On Their Physical Strength

It isn’t as simple as it seems to become a firefighter. You need to be physically fit even to be considered for the job. For firefighters, maintaining good health and physical fitness is a necessity.

They endure harsh temperatures while handling heavy tools and protection gear. Their commitment to fitness training is one of the many attributes that make them stand out.

4. They Must Have Exceptional Communication Skills

Communication is key in every department. Clear, eloquent, polite, and open communication is extremely important within the fire station, emergency site, and when communicating with the general populace. You’ll need to learn how to be a good listener and how to deal with different types of people.

You must be able to deal with angry strangers, use radios to communicate with your squad, help relax traumatized citizens, comfort grieving family members, and communicate crucial patient details to ambulance staff & healthcare professionals.

A bunch of firefighters putting out a fire5. They Need To Be Fearless

A firefighter needs to be brave. They frequently deal with catastrophic scenarios, such as cars and buildings on fire. They should be able to overcome their fear and perform their duties safely and efficiently.

Firefighters occasionally have to cope with the deaths of those they are attempting to save. They will have to master the ability to deal with difficult situations without affecting their mental health.

6. Patience Is Key

Successful firefighters must have compassion and respect to put up with their coworkers for extended periods in the firehouse. As arguing and bickering aren’t acceptable in fire stations, compassion and patience are essential for every firefighter to thrive.

7. They Must Understand The Basics Of Mechanics

A firefighter’s ability to contribute increases with their level of mechanical aptitude. It also encourages innovative thinking and developing creative solutions to tackle challenges and natural disasters. People who lack a natural curiosity aren’t fit to become good firefighters.

8. Dedication

Dedication is one of the most important traits of a firefighter. They must be invested in their job while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Also, they must be ready to work for long hours. Unlike other federal departments, firefighters work 24-hour shifts. They get some sleep during the 24-shifts, but they have to respond to emergencies during the shift.

A firefighter putting out a fire using a water hose9. Discipline

Firefighters must be disciplined. They must follow all safety protocols and laws in all situations. They should stick to their plans and not go against the team in case of a fire hazard.

10. Time Management Skills

Firefighters must tackle multiple tasks at once; therefore, they must work on their time management skills. The best thing is to repeat the task to increase speed and efficiency.

11. They Should Have Medical Knowledge

A firefighter must learn the basics of first aid. They should know how to cover up a wound, stitch or perform CPR to save lives in case the ambulance squad isn’t present on the scene. In many jurisdictions, firefighters need to get EMT training.

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