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How to Study Smarter and Not Harder for the 2023 Suffolk Police Exam

In our fast-paced world, studying plays an important part in helping us meet our goals. Whether someone is a working professional or an artist, it’s imperative that they are well-learned to succeed in life. This is also the case for those serving the public by being in the police force.

Becoming a police officer, especially in New York’s Suffolk County, can be a difficult task that requires a lot of determination, intelligence, and other merits. It’s why they have to take the Suffolk County police exam to prove their capabilities. However, studying for these exams can be challenging, especially for those who have other commitments.

Thankfully, studying harder or for longer periods isn’t the only solution when it comes to getting a high score. In fact, applicants can be successful by studying smarter for the Suffolk Police exam.

In this blog, we will explore the top effective strategies to ensure smarter studying to maximize your potential. Keep reading to find out more.

Make Use of The Study Materials

Preparing for the Suffolk Police exam can be a daunting task. The materials are usually extensive, with a lot of important information applicants have to retain and recall. This can be a source of stress and worry for many candidates. However, going through the material can make the task easier. That’s why this is the first tip in our guide for studying smarter for the Suffolk Police exam.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to actively make use of their study materials. Instead, they spend hours reading and re-reading the text and their notes to cram the information. They also only highlight or underline text to memorize information. However, this usually doesn’t help.

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That’s because simply reading the materials and highlighting text isn’t enough to retain information effectively. In reality, this method wastes the individual’s precious time because they are usually left with a lot less information than they intended to learn.

While reading is a good step to getting started, learning information requires active engagement. It is a process that enables individuals to extract meaning from the material to comprehend it better. Active engagement can mean manipulating the information, forming examples, and connecting the information with what was already learned to retain it effectively. This can include methods like making flashcards, practicing problems, summarizing information, and taking extensive notes of what was learned. All this can help individuals retain the information in a more efficient and effective manner.

By actively engaging with the given materials instead of skimming through them, candidates are more likely to recall the information and apply it effectively during the test. However, that’s not all because this method can also help applicants identify the gaps in their knowledge, fill these gaps, and ensure a better understanding of the concepts.

Brush Up Your Critical Thinking Skills

Another great way to study smarter for the Suffolk Police exam instead of harder is to polish your critical thinking skills. This can often make the difference between being successful and failure.

That’s because critical thinking is an important skill that ensures you can comprehend, analyze, evaluate, and interpret information. It also showcases an individual’s ability to identify important information, weigh the validity of different arguments, and create evidence-based answers with robust reasoning. As a result, candidates with critical thinking skills won’t just learn the material better, but they will also be great at implementing it through problem-solving.

Individuals can brush up on their critical thinking skills by deep diving into the information to identify gaps. We recommend you start by asking critical questions related to the topic. These can include queries such as “Why is this information important?” Another question you should ask is, “Can this relate or connect to other concepts we’ve already learned?” This can be extremely helpful in analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating the information correctly.

Individuals should also determine the problems in the material and practice solving them. In this way, they will be able to understand key information.

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Another ideal way to enhance critical thinking is by asking for feedback. We recommend that you ask your instructor or a study partner to give you pointers. This can help you identify areas of improvement and develop better reasoning skills.

Take Breaks

When it comes to studying smarter for the Suffolk Police exam instead of harder, you have to ensure you’re not too tired. While this piece of advice might seem counterintuitive, taking breaks actually helps your brain function optimally.

In fact, many studies prove that resting between studying enhances your focus, reduces stress, and increases your productivity levels. That’s because when a person studies longer without breaks, their attention and concentration start to wane. In this way, it makes it near impossible for them to absorb and retain information compared to someone who is rested. By taking ample breaks, you can ensure your brain is recharged and alert for another study session.

Another benefit of taking reasonable breaks is that it helps you organize your tasks. As a matter of fact, individuals who create a schedule with allotted times for breaks tend to study better. That’s because they are able to sit down and divide their work into manageable chunks. This helps them give enough time to each topic while ensuring they are well-rested.

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