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4 Types Of Civil Service Jobs In New York

Are you thinking of applying for a civil service job but are confused if it’s the right fit for you? Are you wondering why someone would join the civil service? Well, there is an opportunity to improve the general public’s lives. Additionally, there will be opportunities for educational and professional growth, a healthy work-life balance, and excellent incentives. Additionally, the civil service jobs offer high salaries and pension plans.

However, most people are often confused about which civil service job is right for them. For that matter, Civil Service Success has compiled a list of some common categories of civil servant professions to make things easier for you.

Take a look at this guide to learn about the most prominent civil service jobs in New York.

Understanding The Concept Of A Civil Servant

A civil servant is a worker who works for the current administration at the state or national level. Administrative divisions and departments autonomously recruit employees, manage workers, and set employment policies. As a civil servant, your income, incentives, and promotion opportunities will vary based on your job role.

Most Prominent Civil Service Jobs

The following is a list of the most satisfying civil service jobs in New York:

A police officer all set to visit a crime scene1. Police Officer

Being a police officer is one of the most satisfying yet challenging jobs. Police officer protects their local community by keeping all the criminals off the street. You need to have good communicative, collaborative, and problem-solving skills to become a police officer.

This job offers salary and employee benefits which are as follows:

  1. Health benefits
  2. Educational benefits
  3. Market competitive salary
  4. Paid leaves
  5. Sick leaves

As a Suffolk County Police officer, your salary starts at $42,000 and goes up to $111,506.Working in the NYC police department helps you to improve your physical and mental abilities. Strategizing stakeouts and solving cases around the city is as good a use for your cognitive skills.

There are different job divisions in the police department, like a federal agent or a detective. Are you ready to become the next Raymond C. Schindler? The next Suffolk Police Exam will be held in 2023–2024.

The more you score, the more chances you have to land a police officer job. So what are you waiting for? Start your Suffolk Police Exam preparation classes to kick start your career.

A firefighter trying to put out a house fire2. Firefighter

Firefighting is one of the noblest professions you can pursue. Firefighters protect the community against wildfires, industrial accidents, and natural calamities. The basic duties of a firefighter include operating fire trucks, putting out fires with the right tools, and finding/saving people in emergencies.

An applicant must undergo several types of training and master the art of using fire extinguishing tools before becoming a firefighter. They also go through fire drills regularly, even after their training. This keeps firefighters fit and always motivated to be better.

This job mentally and physically challenges you to save lives. As the job is so daunting, firefighters receive a high market salary which can go up to $87,762. They also get paid leaves and other incentives.

You can become a firefighter by applying and passing the FDNY test. Enrolling yourself in NYC Firefighter Exam prep classes is the only way to boost your chances of becoming a firefighter.

A teacher teaching young students3. Teacher

Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. A teacher not only teaches us what is right or wrong, but they also shape the younger generation to make a better future.

The teacher must step in when a student requires encouragement or assistance. Assistance can come in different forms, including tutoring, mentoring, and even counseling. You can teach everyone from a toddler in pre-school to an inmate in a prison setting.

An individual must have a high school diploma and additional educational certification to become an inspiring and successful teacher.

The average salary of a teacher in New York is $61,070 and can go up to $83,972. This job offers a flexible work schedule and can be done remotely. A teacher gets a decent salary, casual leaves, sick leaves, and other benefits.

An NYC Sanitation worker4. Sanitation Worker

Sanitation workers are the real-life heroes of our world. They clean and sanitize the community to protect people’s health and wellbeing. The DSNY is the largest Sanitation Department in the US. It’s also one of the highest-paying in the world. According to a report, the DSNY per-hour wage is higher than the private sanitation companies.

The following is a list of things you’ll need to get recruited:

  1. A high school diploma or a GED.
  2. A driver’s license from the state of New York.
  3. The ability to communicate in English.
  4. A Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

Passing the NYC Sanitation Exam is never enough. If you score a passing grade of 70%, this means preparing for the exam with a professional instructor is the only way to ensure your position. This is why Civil Service Success offers preparation classes taught by instructors who have led successful careers in federal departments.

Become A Civil Service Officer With The Help Of Civil Service Success

Every job has a different recruitment process. The most reliable way to prepare for every stage of the recruitment process is by joining preparation classes taught by people who have worked in the industry.

No one can train you better for DCAS jobs than those who have led successful careers in NYC civil service departments. At Civil Service Success, you’re taught by retired civil service employees that train you for every part of the job process.

Enroll in preparation classes at Civil Service Success today and secure your position. We’ll also be having prep classes for the Suffolk Police Exam and the NYC Firefighter Exam.

Want to score competitively high in your next DCAS exam? Get in touch with our professional crew today!


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